Detect Spyware by Monitoring Network Traffic

Anti DDoS Guardian has a function for the Windows operating system to detect unknown spyware. As anybody knows, most of anti-spyware software scans virus by matching virus Characteristic code database. This means they have to detect the known virus firstly and then find the unique code of the certain virus. In this way, they surely do good jobs in the anti-virus industry, but what about the unknown virus and police spyware? It is really true that so much spyware and Trojans live well for years without being detected. On the other hand, BeeThink SoftWare is finding a new way to defend the new attacks.

Anti DDoS Guardian detects spyware and Trojans by their activities. When a Trojan horse infects a computer, firstly, it monitors user's activities and steals user's private information, then the Trojan horse sends the information via network. Anti DDoS Guardian monitors unusual network traffic in real-time and the Trojan horse network communication will easily be revealed by users. If users want to know where their computers communicate, the "IP address look up" program will tell them more. In addition to this, Anti DDoS Guardian records each unusual network packet for the purpose of collecting spyware tracks. By digging out this information, users can find out who is spying on them. Meanwhile, it is an easy-to-use personal firewall. Users can easily build up their black list or white list by simply clicking.

For network programmers and analyzers, Anti DDoS Guardian is a convenient tool for viewing network activities. All packets passing through user's computer are well organized by means of network flow. For the purpose of network monitoring, BeeThink SpyDetector displays remote IP addresses, protocols, network flow and even the websites or email addresses where user's data sends to.