Application Layer Protection

The best application-level DDoS mitigation solution on the market. Stop Layer 7 (L7) DDoS attacks, Low and Slow attacks, Slow Loris, Slow HTTP Test, POST and GET floods, Windows Remote Desktop brute force password guessing attacks, and more.

Network Activity Monitoring

Monitor network traffic and TCP connections in Real-Time. Advanced rate limits include client concurrent TCP connections, TCP connection rate, UDP rate, and client bandwidth.

High Performance & Light Weight

No lag, robust and stable. Run smoothly for months without losing perfrormance. Lighter than ever, only 2 MB.

Top marks and highly recommended by cybersecurity experts.

Award-winning technology
that stops DDoS attacks

We have our own way of defeating DDoS threats.

  • Network flow and TCP connection management.
  • TCP half-open connection control.
  • UDP flow control.
  • Block unwanted country IP addresses.
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Anti DDoS Guardian Full Version Information
  • Current Version:
  • Release Date: August 6th, 2022
  • OS supported: Windows
  • File Size: 2.56 MB
  • Trial Limitations: 5-day free trial
  • Price: $99.95
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What, Why and How

  1. What is a DDoS attack?
  2. A DDoS attack means that a large number of illegal computers are accessing internet servers at the same time, and the huge flood of incoming traffic makes the servers unable to respond to legitimate users. Find more on What is a DDoS attack?

  3. What is Anti DDoS software?
  4. Anti DDoS software is a software component installed on Internet servers to prevent DDoS attacks. Anti DDoS software works on different network layers to detect illegal network traffic and mitigate attacks. Since it is software, it is flexible and configurable. Please click here to learn more about Anti DDoS software.

  5. Why use Anti DDoS software?
  6. This is because Internet servers need to provide additional protection on top of CDN DDoS protection. CDNs are very effective against large-scale attacks targeting the physical layer. However, when DDoS attacks involve the application layer, Anti DDoS software does a better job. With Anti DDoS software, you can easily manage network traffic and control TCP connections. On top of that, Anti DDoS software often saves money.

  7. What is an application layer (L7) DDoS attack?
  8. Application-layer DDoS attacks are initiated by multiple clients against the server's TCP/IP application layer. The idea is to consume the server's TCP/IP resources at little cost by having too many TCP connections. Since there is a limit to the number of concurrent TCP connections for each Internet server, a client can send many TCP connection requests to overcome the server's TCP connection threshold without a single connection request completing. It's like too many fake customers come to the restaurant without ordering. They just sit there and wait. Therefore, it is impossible to serve real customers. An attacker's goal can be achieved at low volume with a small number of client computers. For these reasons, application-layer DDoS attacks are efficient, low-cost, and difficult to detect. Application layer DDoS attacks can also be referred to as layer 7 (L7) attacks.

  9. How to prevent application layer (L7) DDoS attacks?
  10. Anti DDoS Guardian defeats application layer (L7) DDoS attacks by limiting the number of concurrent TCP connections per client. If a client tries to access a server with too many TCP connections, the client will be blocked. Please read more on how Anti DDoS Guardian stops layer 7 and application layer DDoS attacks.

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