What is Anti DDoS software?

Anti DDoS software is software components installed on Internet server hardware to stop DDoS attacks. Anti DDoS software works on different network layers to detect illegal network traffic and mitigate attacks. Since it is software, it is flexible and more configurable.

For application layer attacks (layer 7 DDoS attacks), Anti DDoS software analyzes the attacking network connections from the upper network layers. If this analyzing job is done by DDoS protection hardware, it will be difficult and time consuming. Anti DDoS software gets attacking IP addresses and simply blocks it.

For protocol attacks, Anti DDoS software can be placed in the network protocol layers and does the same job as in the application layers.

Since DDoS attacks can turn servers down on any vulnerable points, the DDoS protection industry needs systematic Anti DDoS solutions. Not only Anti DDoS software and hardware, but also protection systems or services are needed. In all this kind of DDoS protection systems, Anti DDoS software plays a key role in that.

Anti DDoS Guardian is the most powerful DDoS protection software solution deployed on thousands of industrial environment workstations and gaming servers. When under DDoS attacks, it visually warns website masters and stops DDoS traffic immediately.

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